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The BraveHeart Intensive is experiential, challenging, deeply interactive, and involves a high degree of accountability—and as such, it isn’t for everyone.  This journey brings lasting life-change, but it takes hard work and guts.  That’s why we carefully select the participants.

We look for Christian men who are:

  • Truly hungry—who passionately long to fulfill God’s highest call on their lives, and will not stop until that happens
  • Aware they’re called to a greater level of influence in the world, and are tired of living small
  • Willing to offer the best part of themselves in the context of authentic community

If that’s you, then BraveHeart Intensive can help you find freedom and purpose.

What you can expect at BraveHeart Intensive?

This isn’t just another personality or strengths assessment.  We go beyond analysis to engage the heart—to discover what makes you come alive, and what passions and strengths live inside you that, if unleashed, will inspire the world around you.  You can expect to:

  • Discover your life purpose—and describe it in detail
  • Uncover your unique core identity as a man, and name it as your own
  • Map out a detailed vision of the life you most want to experience and enjoy
  • Transform your dreams into specific, clearly defined goals
  • Develop accountable friendships with men just like you—committed to stepping in to a bigger life
  • Learn practical tools to help move you beyond obstacles that historically have kept you stuck
  • Plan for success by designing a personalized road map to get you from where you are to where you want to be
  • And much more!

How do I sign up?

You can experience Braveheart Intensive in a couple ways:

8-session Journey
Length:  Seven 1.5-Hour Group Sessions, and Three Triad Calls
Format:  Teleconference or In-person
Maximum Group Size:  6 to 12 men
Tuition: approx. $375 US (Varies by course. Payment plans available.)

Retreat Journey
:  3 full days over a weekend
Format:  Full-immersion, sleep-over retreat
Maximum Group Size:  Varies depending on location
Tuition: approx. $625 US (Varies by location. Payment plans available. Tuition includes materials, course facilitation, lodging and meals.)

Either way, our certified facilitators will lead you through the process of stepping in to the bigger life you were created to live.

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