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BraveHeart isn’t just a spiritual retreat. It is a foundational experience for any man who wants to discover his deepest identity and commune with the God who designed it.

Ryan S.

UNBELIEVABLE!! Every man should experience this remarkable journey of discovering God’s true and Divine glory in us!

Joel H.

If you desire authentic, passionate, rich, intimate community with God & your brothers in faith…if you want to know deep in your heart, mind and soul your Divine purpose…come and partake!

Gabriel A.

This weekend was one of the most powerful, radical, and life-changing experiences I’ve ever had. I came alive as a man! I’m awake!

Dave M.

How many search unceasingly for identity? BraveHeart Intensive ushers the man who is ready and willing of heart to reveal the core of his created intent. Prepare to experience the glory of God with the bold and yearning souls of brotherhood.

Rick W.

BraveHeart was a life-changing experience for me. I have struggled with my true identity all my life. This retreat enabled me to unlock the manacles of despair and pain that I embraced and allowed me to release them to God. He is reforming, reworking, and releasing me to my True Self. Oh YES!

Dave H.

An incredible, life-altering and transforming weekend for any man at any stage of life. Push through any resistance and get yourself here.

Wayne B.

I am transformed and ready to face the world with my sword in hand.

Matt B.

The BraveHeart Intensive allowed me to find my identity and take a firm grip on the truth of who I am. Life changing!

Michael A.

BraveHeart equipped me to in better harmony with how God intended. It is a powerful gift.

Jeff B.

A forever life-changing experience that taps into all areas of life!

Alex V.

BraveHeart is the best experience I’ve had to discover and define my identity. And, on top of that, it provides amazing tools to handle the lies when they creep back in.

Brian Z.

The weekend exceeded my expectations–and my expectations were high. I received fuel and direction to pursue desires that had been dormant for years. It has given me a fresh perspective for my life.

Brandon M.

It’s a catalytic experience that beckons every man to not only dare to dream, but also to live out a life of extraordinary courage as a beacon of hope for generations of men.

Dave H.

Transformational. It opened my eyes to see who I really am. I don’t believe the lies anymore.

Diego D.

The effects of the weekend are tangible and visible. It helps a man IDENTIFY HIS TRUE NAME so he can TRULY OWN IT.

Jeremy S.

It was like no other men’s retreat I’ve experienced. I left as a man who can see and celebrate how God has made me for His glory and to serve others.

Jamie B.

Initiation into manhood is something few of us get in modern culture. The BraveHeart Intensive jump starts that process.

Ray H.

After 15+ years of full-time ministry, no other experience, retreat, class or conference has given such clarity to my calling and the challenges of my soul. A must for men to be initiated in to manhood and who God has called them to be.

Brian R.

Intense, inviting and God-inspired. This experience was eye-opening, and brought out the real me. The course of life has been redirected to run toward the heart of God.

Eddie A.

An unexpected, life-changing, eye-opening experience!

Zach M.

The path has begun. And it leads to where I’ve always wanted to go and to who I’ve always dreamed of being.

Joel S.

Not knowing what to expect or any of the men attending, I was amazed my heart and desires were awakened from numbness because of support from my new brothers. I am stepping back in to my world ready for bold action again!

Scoti W.

A great place to wake from your spiritual slumber and move to recapture your godly, masculine heart.

Ted K.